Case Study

Engineering Firm

Operating Model

What was the situation

Our client is one of the world’s largest engineering organisations - over two thirds of cars and all of the world’s major passenger aircraft use its technology.  The business has been going through significant transformation in recent years - seeking deeper alignment with their customers,  adapting to new technologies, and reducing costs.  As part of an ongoing relationship, we were appointed to be a partner on Organisation Design, helping them align their structures to be ready for the future.


What did we do?

Over the course of 24 months, we partnered with the team to deliver three significant organisation design projects:​

  1. Development of a new global operating model.  The technology in car drive systems is changing rapidly, and the team wanted to set up a new global “All Wheel Drive” business unit, which could focus on new, software driven products.  We partnered with the leadership team to develop a new operating model, moving from a geographical structure to one led by All Wheel Drive and CVJ business units

  2. We partnered with the leadership team of the Aerospace division to develop an initial blueprint for a new organisation, that recognized the importance of major aerospace customers, and put more focus on serving them and the global programmes they deliver

  3. After the appointment of a new Group HR Director, we worked with the HR leadership team to review what services should be delivered by the Group HR function, and which should remain in divisional HR teams, and developed the organization design to support it.  This also led to our partnering to do an in depth review of the Global L&D function.


What was the outcome?

We helped the team to clarify their thinking quickly, and turn in it to actionable plans.  In all three cases, the organization design we developed has been implemented.