Tools & Support

Engaging your team

Decades of research (and common sense!) show that great  companies have a few things in common – inspiring leaders who people want to follow, great people managers who care about their teams, a working environment that makes it easy to get your job done, and the opportunity to grow – in your role and your career.


We can help you to see how you measure up in each of these areas, through our short and focussed employee survey.  It has been taken by thousands of people in the last 4 years and helps start conversations in your business about how to make things even better.  We include it as part of our support for all long term-clients.

Developing your managers

Research by the Gallup™ organisation shows that your manager has more effect on how you feel at work than anything else.  Developing your managers is essential – which is why we partner with Allin Works, a leading supplier of manager development training.  Your people managers can go through the fundamentals of managing well, through a series of 90 minute modules – all done in a “virtual” classroom. 

Making HR Admin Simple

BreatheHR is an easy to use, low cost online HR platform designed for SMEs.  It takes the hard work out of managing your employee information and centralises it one simple system which all your people can have access to.   


We are an accredited BreatheHR partner offer all our SME clients access to it. 

Understanding how your HR function is performing

Our HR Insight Tool helps you benchmark the cost, quality and performance of your HR function with similar size organisations and industries, creating a powerful foundation to build and evolve your HR strategy from.

HR Insight is for organisations of any size and sector. We already have a number of businesses signed up to use the Tool, ranging from fast growing small and mid- size firms to FTSE 250+ global companies.

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